Understanding Dental Implant – What You Need to Know

With the introduction of a dental implant in dentistry, the face of dentistry as a profession has immensely changed. It was considered the best scientific discovery in dentistry and the best application in terms of clinical practice. The procedure of dental implant used to be an idea but dentists of today are putting smiles back to their patients’ face with this procedure.

Dental implant was discovered by Dr. P.I. Branemark and his team of Swedish researchers. This was a breakthrough in dentistry because unlike a regular denture, a dental implant doesn’t come loose like a regular denture after years of wearing it.

Dental implant is not just replacing the extracted tooth but also involves replacement of the root of the original tooth. Dental implant procedure involves securing the new tooth in the jawbone. The root of a dental implant is made of lightweight titanium. It is strong and is biocompatible which means the body accepts it as a part of it. Titanium is known for its ‘osseointegration’ property or its ability to integrate with the bone. All teeth are attached to its bone and when a tooth is lost, the bone disappears too but with titanium implant, the titanium disintegrates with the bone and keep it there.

With the complex nature of dental implant, there are requirements for a person to become eligible for dental implant. The requirements include a healthy gum and bones that can hold the implant. Once you have a dental implant, you should maintain healthy oral hygiene to keep your gums and bones healthy. It means having a regular visit to your dentist.

After having a dental implant, you should care for your new teeth as you do with your real teeth. Dental implants are susceptible to gingivitis and bone loss and should be cleaned, flossed, and brushed regularly.

If you are interested in having a dental implant or you are a dentistry student planning to specialize in dental implant procedure, you should start reading about this topic. You can learn more information about dental implant from a implant dentistry magazine, from dentistry journals, and from published researches online.