Repair Services For Your Phaco Handpieces

There is no question that the Phaco handpiece is a delicate piece of equipment. The Phaco is an ultrasonic device that is designed to help an eye doctor remove a lens during cataract surgery. This machine can also utilize vibrations to cause the cataract to be broken apart and to have the debris be filtered through a hollow needle. Eye doctors everywhere utilize the Phaco in order to help their patients have clearer and healthier eyesight. Naturally, it goes without saying that Phaco repair is an important asset to medical professionals everywhere.

A Phaco repair technician has to have the right experience.

When it comes to repairing Phaco handpieces, the right technicians will have an immense amount of experience and skills at their disposal. It goes without saying that repairing these devices takes an enormous amount of skill that not everyone possesses.

A Phaco technician is extremely versatile.

In order to be a solid Phaco technician, they must have the ability to work on all of the requisite brands. This means they are knowledgeable and comfortable with Alcon Centurion Ozil, Alcon Ozil, AMO Ellipse, Ellipse FX and Bausch and Lomb among many others. They normally must also have experience working with older models too.

Phaco technicians can actually make used equipment better.

So yes, we have established that these Phaco technicians are held to a higher standard. However, it is also important to note that a solid Phaco technician will even have the skills to make a used Phaco handpiece even better than it was before, and perhaps they can even make it better than a new handpiece.

Benjamin Biomedical: The Standard For Phaco Maintenance

The technicians at Benjamin Biomedical can fit all of the above characteristics and more. They are truly the standard of excellence when it comes to repairing these important medical devices.