Repair Services For Your Phaco Handpieces

There is no question that the Phaco handpiece is a delicate piece of equipment. The Phaco is an ultrasonic device that is designed to help an eye doctor remove a lens during cataract surgery. This machine can also utilize vibrations to cause the cataract to be broken apart and to have the debris be filtered through a hollow needle. Eye doctors everywhere utilize the Phaco in order to help their patients have clearer and healthier eyesight. Naturally, it goes without saying that Phaco repair is an important asset to medical professionals everywhere.

A Phaco repair technician has to have the right experience.

When it comes to repairing Phaco handpieces, the right technicians will have an immense amount of experience and skills at their disposal. It goes without saying that repairing these devices takes an enormous amount of skill that not everyone possesses.

A Phaco technician is extremely versatile.

In order to be a solid Phaco technician, they must have the ability to work on all of the requisite brands. This means they are knowledgeable and comfortable with Alcon Centurion Ozil, Alcon Ozil, AMO Ellipse, Ellipse FX and Bausch and Lomb among many others. They normally must also have experience working with older models too.

Phaco technicians can actually make used equipment better.

So yes, we have established that these Phaco technicians are held to a higher standard. However, it is also important to note that a solid Phaco technician will even have the skills to make a used Phaco handpiece even better than it was before, and perhaps they can even make it better than a new handpiece.

Benjamin Biomedical: The Standard For Phaco Maintenance

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Understanding Dental Implant – What You Need to Know

With the introduction of a dental implant in dentistry, the face of dentistry as a profession has immensely changed. It was considered the best scientific discovery in dentistry and the best application in terms of clinical practice. The procedure of dental implant used to be an idea but dentists of today are putting smiles back to their patients’ face with this procedure.

Dental implant was discovered by Dr. P.I. Branemark and his team of Swedish researchers. This was a breakthrough in dentistry because unlike a regular denture, a dental implant doesn’t come loose like a regular denture after years of wearing it.

Dental implant is not just replacing the extracted tooth but also involves replacement of the root of the original tooth. Dental implant procedure involves securing the new tooth in the jawbone. The root of a dental implant is made of lightweight titanium. It is strong and is biocompatible which means the body accepts it as a part of it. Titanium is known for its ‘osseointegration’ property or its ability to integrate with the bone. All teeth are attached to its bone and when a tooth is lost, the bone disappears too but with titanium implant, the titanium disintegrates with the bone and keep it there.

With the complex nature of dental implant, there are requirements for a person to become eligible for dental implant. The requirements include a healthy gum and bones that can hold the implant. Once you have a dental implant, you should maintain healthy oral hygiene to keep your gums and bones healthy. It means having a regular visit to your dentist.

After having a dental implant, you should care for your new teeth as you do with your real teeth. Dental implants are susceptible to gingivitis and bone loss and should be cleaned, … Read More ...

The Hidden Costs of Using Heroin

Heroin is a very popular, very illegal drug in the United States. Many people understand the obvious costs of using it. Some of these obvious costs are the actual price of heroin and the costs associated with using heroin. There are, however, varieties of hidden costs that you might not consider before you start using this dangerous drug.

One hidden cost of using heroin is the legal costs. If you are caught with heroin, no matter how much, you will be arrested. An arrest for heroin possession will usually result in job loss. Then you will need a lawyer. If you have a court appointed lawyer, you may not have to pay legal fees but you will have to pay the fines that you incur. Some of these fines can be up to $150,000, if you are convicted of trafficking or intent to sell. More if you are convicted of more than one offense.

Another hidden cost of using heroin is what it costs the community and society in general. The United States spends approximately 78 billion dollars on:

  • Heroin detox and heroin addiction treatment
  • Criminal justice services for heroin addicts
  • Cost to keep heroin addicts in prisons
  • Cost of police programs to apprehend those who use heroin
  • Healthcare costs for overdoses and heroin related illnesses

These are costs that you and other United States taxpayers pay yearly in order to run these programs.

Yet another hidden cost of heroin is to your health. Your health will continually decline while you are on heroin. Long term heroin users experience:

  • Respiratory failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Heart failure
  • Constipation leading to bowel death
  • Impaired memory
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Kidney disease
  • Weakened immune system

Each of these can lead to further medical complications. You can also contract secondary infections due to malnutrition, sharing paraphernalia, and … Read More ...

How Does the Medical Packaging Consultant Process Work?

How Does the Medical Packaging Consultant Process Work?

You can bring in a medical package consultant for expert advice when it comes to new and existing products. The consultant will explore all of the details and produce positive results that create packaging that is high-quality and provide the protection your products need.

Information Gathering to Define Problems

You will spend quality time with the packaging consultant as they gather information to determine existing packaging problems. The talks will focus on new products when the packaging in question belongs to a medical item that has yet to launch. Consultants will be happy to help in the planning process of new product packaging design. You want to make sure that the consultant has a clear picture of what you feel the needs are for expert advice and assistance.

Observations of Manufacturing Process

Another task of the consultant takes place at the manufacturing facility. The consultant will observe the process of packaging, find out specifics on materials, and look for any problems in the flow. The creation of weaknesses in the package can happen through improper handling and packaging methods.

Testing of Packaging

Existing and prototype packaging will undergo a series of tests to verify strength, integrity, and the ability to protect the products from manufacture to sale. Product packaging ideas will begin to formulate as the information paints a clearer picture. Strengths and weaknesses of the packaging are documented.

Address Compliance Problems

A full analysis of compliance requirements will be done for the product packaging. Changes will be suggested in areas that directly impact the ability to reach full levels of compliance with regulations. You will begin to feel growing confidence that the changes needed will solve any problems that have been lurking in this area.

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